The 5 Step Strategy Parents are Using to Understand, Guide, and Empower their Sensitive & Intuitive Child

(Without compromising their child’s heightened abilities)

Is your child sensitive or intuitive?
Join me... 

I'm going to show you...

  • A step to step game plan to understanding and empowering a Sensitive and Intuitive child, that promotes confidence and certainty.

  • How our parents are living in clarity and certainty, leveraging their children’s sensitivity and intuition… and the secret Reels of Consciousness that make it happen practically overnight.

  • Why traditional therapy, self help books, and resources are NOT a good strategy for understanding and helping your child.... and how you can deeply connect and communicate with them starting today.
  • How our parents are guiding their child through the paranormal, so they can more easily take control of their experiences.

  • The strategy to identifying your child's intuitive language... and how you can use the Reels of Consciousness to help them with coping and confidence.

  • And... How our parents manage to do all of this while creating a deeper connection with their child, feeling like they're on the same team, and being the mentor and hero their child needs.
Emily Rivera is a leading expert in intuition, manifesting, higher consciousness, and helping children with heightened sensitivities and abilities. She is also described by clients and participants as an earth angel whose presence and messages have powerfully shifted them into tangibly feeling clarity and peace. She is an otherworldly speaker, guide, and intuitive that delivers individuals into experiencing higher consciousness and teaches them how to quickly and easily create a life of fulfillment, freedom, love, and direct connection. Her insights have been helping guide her and others since childhood. Since an early age, Emily has had direct communication with Ascended Lights (Angels, Archangels, Masters, Beings of light, and Cosmic Rays), and it’s been her purpose to share their guidance and love.

She has privately been working and helping Celebrities, CEOs, Thought Leaders, Influencers, and individuals of varying ages and backgrounds awaken to their own mastery, life purpose, creative spark, and intuitive awareness so they can be of greater impact while also living a life of abundant flow and joyful fulfillment.